May 2, 2013

We can't have a baby this month why!

Last week I started Clomid.  It's a hyper ovulation drug.
The catch is I do ovulate like any normal female so I don't really need it but I want to try everything I can.

So I took this drug for five days and went for blood work trying the process and guess what, my thyroid glands are acting up.  SCORE!  Now I am waiting for a call from the hospital to go get them tested and I can't get pregnant until they figure it out.  Well, technically I could get pregnant but they are not recommend it at all.  So I took Clomid for nothing and god knows how many little eggies are developing in my body right now and I can't use any of them!

So I did research, cause that's my thing :).  The Chinese medicine supplements I was on CAUSE THIS!  So there is a good chance I did this to myself.  'Damned if you don't, damned if you do' to quote my best friend.

This is where I sit right now.  I wasn't going to go public with this blog until May 19th but I am impatient and I think it will be out before the end of the weekend.

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