May 20, 2013


Generally it's said if you watch a childbirth you will not want to have a baby yourself.  I think these individuals have never witnessed a childbirth or have only been in the room while they are the ones giving birth.
I am generally grossed out by needles, blood and pain but I spend Thursday to the early hours of Saturday being completely fascinated by the entire process.   The last time I stayed up for 24 hours straight was the day we graded from high school and I had spend most of that time with my best friend, funny how life comes full circle in a way.

I was blessed with week to be included while my best friend and her husband had their first child.  It was the most incredible thing I have even experienced in my life.  In fact, I have trouble finding the words to actually describe the experience.  This blog entry is killing me just trying to come up with a way to put everything into words.

You could have given me a list of a thousand awesome things I want to do and I would have tossed the list in order to spend the time in my hometown waiting for their baby to show up.  There was no place I would rather be or no appointment that couldn't be rescheduled.

I learned that being induced isn't a sure thing to have a baby show up.  She had to get to done twice.   Finally, after getting a pass to leave the hospital for a couple hours things started to get going - at first it was funny because we were shopping and she had to keep going to the bathroom but not long after that it was painful.  It was painful for her and painful for me to watch  - there is nothing like sitting beside someone in contractions and not being able to ease the pain.  It sucks on so many levels to the point that you are reduced to getting water, klennex and making yourself invisible at times just to try and help the process.  I won't go into details but watching a child being born is the most incredible thing anyone can experience.  It is an experience I could do over and over again to the point that I am looking into becoming a doula or getting over my fear of needles and becoming an RN, lots of things to consider.  I want to be involved in the process though, somehow, everyday.  It was that amazing.  It was that touching.  It was that crazy.  I have seen things that can not be unseen but they don't haunt me they fill me with peace and make me want to do it over and over again.  I can't wait till I can be in labour, in spite of the pain.  I have a whole new level of respect and adoration for my best friend.

If you haven't had a McFlurry at 11pm at night you must try it sometimes.  It hits the spot :)

Everyone says when you get married it is all about the bride on your wedding day - doesn't compare at all to it being all about the mom while in labour.   You have family, friends and strangers (aka nurses and doctors) tending to your every whim to try and ease discomfort at all turns.

I thank you all again for the words you have sent me via this blog, facebook and text.

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