Jul 18, 2013

Defining by status quo

There was a news story a couple of weeks ago about couples struggling to get pregnant.  The t-up was "we will look at why that is" or something like it so I kept watching, as I was naturally interested.   Was it going to have to do with our environment? Our food? Our water? Toxins? Lifestyle?  I wanted to know what they 'discovered' about why infertility was on the rise.   The story came on and I was sorely disappointed.   It was focused solely around women choosing to have babies later in life and the fact that our fertility decreases each year.   There was nothing about how the rates of couples struggling to get pregnant at younger ages are going up - nothing.  Like the only thing causing fertility issues to rise is people waiting till they are older to try.   It was so annoying and disappointing.  Nobody is looking at why younger people are having problems, the focus on older people is only half the story. (I used to work in journalism so this really chokes me)  

Here is a 'makes no sense' photo:
Below is a picture of my current view, laying a floor waiting to go for a bike ride

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