Jun 5, 2013

No news is no news

Trying to get pregnant can be fun and it can be annoying along with every other emotion in between.
After having radioactive iodine uptake tests just under two weeks ago we are in a holding pattern.   It takes everything I have not to hound the fertility doctor and just sit and wait for their call.

I don't want to spend this month focused on having a baby since it is kind of out of my control right now.  I am spending this month learning how to funnel the energy into other activities while I wait.
Everytime I think about having a baby or wanting to google something related to it I quickly re focus the energy, in turn I feel a little less crazy.
Things I have refocused on:
-We have needed a new lawn mower blade since I hit a rock with it last summer (oops) - we have one now and my husband fought the mower to get it on but he won :) 
-I have left the car at home basically everyday since Saturday and biked all over town to get my errands done each day.  I have learned I don't really need a car on nice days.  Human energy takes you great places :)
-I have started going back to the gym with some prodding and open ended threats from my gym buddy :)
-I have done more stretching for my injured back and am doing mini workouts at home first thing in the morning, they take all of 10 minutes and are actually...wait for it...fun...seriously :)
-With another friend in tow, hiking is becoming a once a week occurance
-I am helping other people with their kids and enjoying the time spent with them instead of wishing I had one right now
-I have cleaned the house more often then not - minus the bathroom, I don't clean bathrooms
-I play around in the yard, spraying weeds, picking weeds, planting pretty things and playing fetch with the dog
-Organizing weekly dates with others so I always have something happy to look forward to
-Planning little trips here and there with my husband and friends
-I am playing more BrainBashers (www.brainbashers.com) It's good for the mind
-I am being extra sassy because its a good laugh
-With some friends I am taking part in the 5k Colour Me Rad Run

I feel invigorate.  I am certainly not over doing it but I am doing it with a smile on my face.   

While I wait for the phone to ring I am not staring at the phone.
Everyday is a challenge but we should start learning how to enjoy it.

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  1. I like this post. It's always a good idea to remind ourselves how we can be happy during this shitty time.